Day Two: Checking in

Sleeping in is lovely.  Today was a rest day and a day to check out the bike course, check in and hang out.  Tomorrow is more of the same.

The day began with some relaxing and laying out all my transition gear to make sure I had everything I needed before I headed to the Expo.

Transition run through

Transition run through

Then I headed down to the transition area so I could drive the bike course. I was a little turned around at first but I figured out where I was going.  The roads have been patched but there are still some rough areas. Nothing looks very bad though.  The course is fairly flat, with some sneaky false flats, and rolling hills.

check in

Check in

There are some pretty stretches and I noted some landmarks for my ride.

Check-in and the Expo were next on the list. I  found a place to park where I will most likely park on Sunday and headed into the Convention Center.  There were not many people there yet so the lines were short and it was a pretty painless process. I connected with Karen Hall, Facebook buddy and E3Tribe member.  We walked around the Expo and met several other people.  It is fun meeting all the people who I have only known virtually to this point.

Dustin and Jason

Dustin and Jason

TriAugusta booth at the Expo - Karen Hall talking to Jeff Spires

TriAugusta booth at the Expo – Karen Hall talking to Jeff Spires

After we spent enough time and money at the Expo, Karen and I headed to lunch.  We wound up at Farmhaus for a great burger and salad.  Then we decided that getting our nails done was a good way to end today so we headed to a nail place near where Karen is staying.

After nails were done, it was time to head back to the hotel and put my feet up.



Millie and Karen - time for pedicure and manicure

Millie and Karen – time for pedicure and manicure

Ready to go

Ready to go

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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