Keyed up and ready: Banana, banana, banana

The other day the only thing I wanted to do was watch the minions.

Don’t ask me to explain because I don’t think I can.  I love the minions and they make me laugh and not take everything as seriously.  That may be the explanation.

Prepping and planning

I wrote about planning a few days ago.  The result of planning my meals looks like this so far:

lunch thursdinner thurs

I was able to switch hotels late this summer so I have a kitchen.


I love being able to prepare my own food so I can keep track of my eating and not get sick.

Swim prep

TriAugusta is a fantastic group of folks. There is also a group on Facebook who have been amazing – supportive, funny, great people.  Jeff Spires arranged a practice swim for tonight.  A pretty good sized group met at the Boathouse, piled in the back of trucks after working our way into our wetsuits, and headed to the swim start.  (A group also swam against the current from the end to the start – they stronger swimmers than I am!) thursday swim

I am in the truck -my arm is sticking up somewhere in that group.  This was only part of the group.  Allison Crow gave me lots of good tips about starting, how cold the river is (it is a bit of shock so good to be warned), where the good place was to swim and when to move back  towards shore so the current didn’t take me past the dock.  That was so helpful!  I must have had that “I am going to throw up” look on my face. Bobbie Gullickson asked if I wanted her to swim with me. I said yes – please!  It was very kind and she stayed with me the whole way.  It was so nice to meet Bobbie and her husband, Glen, too.

I had a really good swim.  I didn’t swim fast but I feel like I have landmarks now.  Someone said the trees seemed like they go on forever.  That helped a lot too.  Knowing that the trees were going to seem to go on forever after the boat docks and before the next boats and docks really helped.

thursday swim with allison

Millie and Allison

after practice swim

Part of the group after the swim

Although I know “it’s only water,”  I am glad to have had an opportunity to swim in the river before the Sunday morning craziness.

Tomorrow is a full day – driving the whole bike course, packet pick-up, resting.  Now it is time for sleep.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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