The other part of preparation

I kept meaning to add a few more posts over the past few weeks but the days have slipped away. The swimming, running, and biking are only part of the preparation for a triathlon.

I am now 9 days away from Augusta 70.3.  I’m ready. I have completed most of my workouts (I never quite get all of them due to my schedule). I have a race day plan.  I’m gathering things that I need to take with me.

The “other part” of preparation is something I know I have written about before.  Mental preparation is just as important as the physical preparation.  There are things I know that I will think about during the three sections of the race: things Sam has told me, things Krista has reminded me about, sayings, verses, and just generally mentally talking myself through the race.  70.3 miles is a long ways.  It is longer than those rides from childhood up north where my brother and I sat in the back seat asking if we were there yet. In fact, the bike portion is longer than those rides were to West Branch or Tawas. When I remember that fact, it just makes me laugh.

clear your  mindKrista posted this photo on Facebook a few weeks ago.  It was good timing to remind me that I can do this.  It will be a long day and I imagine that I will be out there the full 8 hours and 30 minutes or a little more since my swim wave begins at 8:04 am. I’m ready to do it though.

While I certainly want the best times I can manage, I also just want to finish this one.  No matter what my time is it will be a PR.  Over the past week I have gotten my nutrition back on track and I feel much better (despite the grumpy taper moments).  I am quite determined to stick with my plan this time and not let other people’s plans derail me.

notebookMy notebook is ready.  I’ve taken some grief for this but it helps me to plan everything and keep all my documents and information in one place.  I can flip through and find my hotel reservations, the athlete’s guide, course maps, race day plan and anything else I need.  Remember I am a librarian, after all.

I’m making more lists and packing up my transition bag this weekend.  Everything should be pretty much set by Sunday evening.  I can’t wait to do this.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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