Augusta Preview: How often do you get to wear a tutu?

This past weekend I went to Augusta to join a group of Facebook training friends.  It was a fantastic weekend and preview of the Augusta 70.3 course.

Jason Stine took charge and organized the group this weekend. The TriAugusta club were also very supportive and really have worked hard to help everyone out who is coming to Augusta to race.  The Augusta Striders were on hand on Saturday with water on the run course, which was most welcome, as well as providing bike support to make sure everyone was on the course and was ok. Carrie Brooks saved me with her last bit of water. Thank you so much!

I am not sure how many actually came for the weekend, but somewhere between 30-40.

WP_001705runnersWe had planned to swim and run on Saturday but the river was still running too fast.  Normal is apparently around 7,000 cfi and last week it was running 20,000-24,000 cfi.  (See what I have learned from triathlon?) As someone said, we would have been in Savannah before we knew it.  Safety is first and foremost so we just looked at the river and went on for the run.

WP_001704We ran one loop of the course.  It is entirely flat – very nice!  Though I was one of the slowest, I was very pleased with my run since I had consistent times and was faster than I have been for several weeks. I was able to make adjustments as I ran to keep going.  I hope that is true on race day as well.

Dinner provided a chance to meet some people and to talk about Augusta as well as other races.  It was great to put names and faces together.  I do look forward to talking to some people more at the race.

Tutu fun

On Sunday the Augusta Ballet sponsored a fundraising ride of the course, Bike for the Ballet. How often have you worn a tutu while riding a bike?  This event reaches the heart of my passions about health – it supports a program to fight childhood obesity by providing funding for children to participate in programs about dance, sport and nutrition.  Most of the group who ran on Saturday also biked on Sunday.  The choice was a 34 mile ride or a 56 mile ride.  I wound up doing 34 miles because one of the wheels of my road bike was making odd noises and I realized that I did have to drive 5-6 hours home in the afternoon.  I still had a good preview of the course (and the potholes) and have a strategy for September 29.

The ride was well organized and a lot of fun.  TriAugusta lead the various groups and kept track of riders.  Again, I can’t say enough good things about the people in this tri club.

I am really looking forward to September 29.  Previewing the course was great.  After all, as Glen, one group member says, we are just going for a swim with 3,000 friends, taking a ride in the country in Georgia and South Carolina, and walking 13.1 miles a mile at a time.


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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Augusta Preview: How often do you get to wear a tutu?

  1. whybike says:

    I love the tutus! And to answer your question, I don’t get to wear them very often. What a clever idea for a fundraising ride –

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