Out in the Open Water

Over the past several weeks I have gained confidence swimming in open water. This was a very difficult thing for me at the beginning of the summer.  Though I knew that I could swim, and that I can float, and always backstroke if I have to, I tended to panic in the open water. Part of it was fear left over from childhood and part of it just a lack of practice.


It has been great to go out and have support both with kayak support and with a supportive group of friends.  This has been a big factor in helping me progress and feel better in the open water. My stroke has also improved this summer with all the work Sam and I have been doing on technique in the pool. My stroke feels much stronger and I am faster than I used to be.

Last week I swam a mile open water for the first time.  Today I didn’t make quite a mile but I had another victory.  We had one kayak, several fast swimmers and a couple of back of the pack swimmers.  At one point I realized that the kayak was quite a ways away from me but I didn’t panic as I might have a few weeks ago.  I realized that I was fine, I was going forward and that I was at least half way to the turn point for the mile.  I sited and then just kept going.  I did eventually get close to the kayak and checked where I was going at the turn since I have only done that portion of the swim once, and looked to see how far ahead of me the rest of the group was already.  Some people swim half a mile, some swim a mile.  It varies by week and what people feel like or what they are preparing for race wise.  I turned for the mile but then turned back part way down since I knew that I was pretty far behind the mile group.  I was happy with my time and with my swim. It was a little faster than some of my times but not quite my fastest time to date.


I am looking forward to seeing how I do on the swim at Luray.  I am hoping my times are much better than last year but you never know.  At this point they should be though.  Lake Arrowhead is a small and very calm lake that is lovely to swim in.  I certainly won’t be as panicked as I felt last year when I was far from shore.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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