Train, train, and train some more

I haven’t written much this summer.  I have had a pretty busy month, work has been very busy, and I have been concentrating on training in my free time.  Training makes me feel much better.  I realize this every time I run, bike or swim. 

This morning I did a partial training tri – I have a longer run tomorrow.  I headed out to Lake Lurleen early (though I had planned on going even earlier) and alone.  Many of my training buddies were at Mountain Lakes this morning and I briefly considered just going ahead and going up to race but I have two races next weekend so I stuck to my plan.

Ducky companions

Ducky companions

Even though I can touch the bottom of the lake in the swim area, I do not usually swim by myself.   When I arrived at the beach area there were a few people around the camp area and someone mowing grass.  Then the ducks appeared.  They were pretty funny and sat on the beach the entire time I swam.  They were also my car when I returned from my ride.  Of course, ducks couldn’t do much for me in an emergency but it was fun to have them there.

This morning was the first time I had ridden my tri bike for a while.  I’ve been on my road bike because I have been in groups and because I was having some trouble with the front wheel that I finally got fixed with Sam’s help.  Later in the day I realized that I have not ridden hills on the tri bike so I feel much better about the effort I made this morning even though I didn’t immediately.  The hills around Lake Lurleen are no joke.  I rode the route a few weeks ago on the road bike and that was a pretty good ride, though the hills were difficult.  I just need to get out there on the tri bike again in the next few weeks and plug away at the hills. I did top 35 mph a few times.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time working on my swim – in the pool and open water. Last Monday I completed my first mile swim in open water.  I was pretty happy with the results.  I didn’t stop and hang onto the kayak until the turn so I could see where I needed to go and then once at the turn to get my bearings heading back.  In the pool Sam has been working with me on strengthening my stroke and I think it is getting better.  Last week several things he has been trying to get through my head for a while finally clicked.  I need to transfer the pool work into open water.  I am getting better with spotting in open water too.

My bike speed and comfort have also improved quite a bit this summer.   I do need to get on the tri bike more though if I am going to ride it in Augusta.  It is just a matter of time in the saddle and I know that.

Running. Well, that is the irony.  I was a runner and the thing I wanted to do most when I began working with Sam was to run again.  This summer it’s been, run? really? do I have to?  When I do run – because it is part of my training and triathlon – I generally feel pretty good.  I just have not been as motivated to run as I have to bike and swim.  I am back to being ok running but my times are still not back to my pre-surgery times.


oh, bread

oh, bread

Diet is also part of training and I have discovered a few things about my diet this week too, I think.  For about two years I really did not eat bread and had basically eliminated most wheat based foods.  I ate no fast food and had a pretty clean diet overall.  A busy schedule have caused some foods to creep back in.   I had been concentrating on eating more vegetables and fruits for several days and hadn’t had wheat.  Then I ate some bread and the next day had a few foods that contained wheat.  I was ill. I thought back through my food choices over several weeks and realized that it was a trigger because I have not felt well on and off this summer.  I knew that spaghetti made me feel bad when I ate it.  So, I am going to concentrate on eating wheat free.  I have foods that can replace wheat without any problems.  The issue is the hidden wheat.

Next up

Next weekend is the Luray Triathlon.  I will swim in a relay on Saturday (1500) and then go on to finish the race as an individual.  On Sunday I will do the sprint triathlon.  I am hoping for a better swim time in the International this year than last year.  I think last year that was my longest open water swim to date.

I am looking forward to getting away, seeing friends, and having fun.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Train, train, and train some more

  1. gloria says:

    what substitutes do you use for wheat with bread and pasta?

    • Spelt, quinoa, farro, lentils – there are a fair number of choices. I am trying to determine if it was just a reaction to what I ate or really a reaction to wheat. That seems to be the common denominator. But it amazes me when I read packages and find wheat in everything.

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