Hot Hundred: A little damp

The Hot Hundred, the hottest ride in the South, was a few weeks ago. The morning was not quite as hot as other years I have ridden, but there was a drizzly rain coming down.  The rain was not bad though and didn’t last.  It got humid but still not as hot as many years have been.

ashley and millie at the start

Ashley and Millie at the start


Sponsorship sign

There were over 600 riders registered this year, a record number.  I rode with my friend, Ashley. We planned on 52 miles but due to a cramp in my leg, we rode 40 (after a ride by a nice man who came by while I was trying to work out my leg cramp).   We did make it up Dry Creek before that, no small feat, and were really almost to the fire station.  It was a good ride.

The photo below is at the Rec Center.  My friend Jerry Pope and I sponsored the rest stop last year and had planned to again before he died in May.  I sponsored my part and friends pitched in for Jerry’s part. It was a special part of the day to see the sign and Jerry’s photo.

One of these years I will ride the full 103.  Maybe next year.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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