Southern hospitality: Raleigh welcomes Ironman 70.3

Raleighsouthern hospitality has been a very welcoming city for us.  People have been very friendly and helpful and our hotel has been fantastic. The hotel is actually on mile 2 and 11 of the run.  It has been really busy and I have quite a bit to write and catch up on.

Yesterday I checked in at the expo, went out to the lake to check it out, and had dinner with Kelli, Jess Jacobs and Josh and Lee.

In twelve hours I will be in the water. It won’t be wetsuit legal based on the temps the past few days.  That is fine with me.  I just have to remember all that Sam has taught me and that it is only water.

beachI was in the water today and it was pretty nice.

I have a pretty good spot in T1.  My number is 156 so I am near the exit.  I am also on the outside row.  I’m hoping there was some shade over my bike today because there is a row of trees.

with bike

The bike course is beautiful with quite a few rolling hills.  There doesn’t seem to be anything steeper than what I have ridden over the past year or so.  There are plenty of areas where there is some shade, which will be nice because it will be hot tomorrow.  I am looking forward to it.

There are lovely homes and sweet little country churches on the route.

optimist rd

Optimist Farm Road. I love this signpost.

The bike ride finishes in downtown Raleigh.


Look Not Behind … at about mile 25-28

The  run course is out and back.  It comes by the hotel where I am staying, through NC State’s campus and Meredith College’s campus and on a trail.  There are some hills but for every up hill, there is a down hill. The run finishes in front of the Marriott in downtown Raleigh.

Why I race

There are lots of reasons that I race.  It’s fun.  It motivates me.  This race marks three years since I began working with Sam. I am also racing this season to raise awareness and funds for the Alabama American Diabetes Association through the Ironman Foundation.  I am racing in Raleigh in memory of my friend Jerry as well who we lost a few weeks ago. He persevered under conditions when most people would give up. I will think about him as I swim, ride and run tomorrow.

Your journey, your cause

Your journey, your cause

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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