Rebel Man Weekend – take 2

The Rebel Man Triathlon was my first triathlon two years ago.  I was, in a word, terrified.  My friend Carol has reminded me that I was so nervous that I wouldn’t even have dinner on Saturday night. I’m not that nervous this time. I’ve been thinking about how much has changed.  I had not been to triathlon camp yet, I hadn’t met all the fantastic She Does Tri team members or E3 tribe team members, I was riding a hybrid bike last time.  So much change!  I think I must have still weighed about 50-75 pounds more than I do now as well.  I didn’t go back and look but I can tell by what I was wearing. I didn’t have a nutrition plan, as I do now, for training and racing.

setting up my area 2011 transition practice

Here are more signs of change:  The photo on the left is my transition area and bike in 2011. The photo on the right is my new Felt tri bike and my very scaled down transition area.  I don’t think I was entirely set up in the 2011 photo. I can’t imagine that even then my helmet was on the other side of my bag. But I had a lot of stuff and had to put on clothes in-between the swim and bike.

This morning started out at Big Bad Breakfast again, this time with Carol and Ashley.  Then we drove the bike route.  There are now bike lanes on part of the road. There are a few hills, but nothing bad.  Later today I will go pick up my packet and get in the pool for a short swim. Hopefully I will also get out on the bike today.  It is a beautiful weekend.

Big Bad Breakfast

Big Bad Breakfast

More to follow.



About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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