5 Questions for the Off Season

Sprint swim

Sprint swim

I saw a post on Active.com earlier this week titled “5 Questions to ask yourself in this Offseason.”  The offseason from triathlon provides an opportunity for assessment, rest, working on different things like strength and flexibility, and setting goals for the coming year.

1. Did I accomplish my goals last season? I would say yes.  Due to the Achilles tendon surgery in Nov. 2011, my goal was to complete races and not be injured.  I had a couple of races that I did not complete for different reasons.  I did complete several, however, and I got back to my workouts and to running quicker than my doctor anticipated. I am still working on getting back to where I was but that is a goal for the coming year. I also did not get injured in any races.

2. How does my body feel?  My right hamstring still bothers me on and off but the pain and tightness move around.  Sam is working with me on flexibility and strength to help it and to help me overall.

3. Am I happy with my gear? I am pretty happy right now though I would like a tri bike once my core is stronger.  I will also need to invest in a wetsuit this year.

4. What are my goals for next year?  My big goal is to finish a half Ironman and raise money for American Diabetes Association in the process. I also want to be stronger and continue building my endurance, especially in the pool and on the run.  My bigger goal is to continue my healthy lifestyle and to reach my goal weight.

5. What races am I going to do?  I’ve already blogged about that topic.  I forgot to list Hot Hundred in July, which is not a race but is an event that I will participate in.

There is a lot of work to do this winter.  I’m being challenged in very good ways and I know it will pay off next year.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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