Meadow Brook Run, 2012

rose meadowbrook dec 2012

This morning I ran the Meadow Brook 5k in Birmingham.  Every finisher received a rose. My time was 41:09, 6 minutes and 16 seconds faster than when I ran it two years ago. I am slowly getting back to my faster times from before my Achilles tendon surgery. Today I recalled making deals with myself the last time – run to the mailbox and then I can walk.  This time I ran the whole way which makes me happy since I had forgotten that this is a somewhat hilly course.  It winds through an office park and neighborhood and is really quite a nice course. Another difference I noticed was that the runs I have been doing with Sam are paying off.  When I run with Sam there are always sprints mixed in.  I was able to pick up my pace several times when I felt like I was slowing down too much.

It was really nice to have John and Amy Hanna and their daughter, Taylore there too.  I loved seeing all of them running together.  It’s always nice to have people at the finish line too.  After the race I spent some time with John at the pool.

Another thing that was really reinforced today was attitude.  The first guys were really fast – I mean *really* fast. First place finished in 14:45.   They passed me going back while I was still in the first mile.  I am always in awe of runners like this but there was a person near me who started ranting, “I hate them!” This continued as more fast guys came towards us.  I thought a) I have to get away from this and b) remember what Dave Scott says, “Do what you can do in the moment.”  I kept repeating that to myself as I ran and realized I was smiling as I was running up a hill.  I also started thinking things like “yay, going up a hill means I will be going down soon.” I thanked volunteers and police officers as I passed them.  Overall, I made this my race and I am glad I returned to do it again.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Meadow Brook Run, 2012

  1. Brittany says:

    I am constantly amazed by how fast the 1st place finishers are in races. Great job, and I love that you got a rose, that’s adorable.

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