Training and recovery

I have reached the end of my first three months in preparation for the Half Ironman.  Over the past few months I have increased my endurance and built my base.  I see where I still need to work over the next several months. I’ve missed some key days due to travel.  Fall is always a busy travel time for me and now things slow down until summer.  I should do much better in the coming months.

Kaiser Half Marathon, Nov. 24, 2012

This morning I completed another half marathon and, as usual, learned several things.  My right leg has been bothering me again but, even so, I started strong.  I had a really good 7 miles.  My times were pretty consistent and I was feeling pretty good.  At mile 8 I simply lost it though.  I started a walk/run, still thinking that I could meet the goal I had set for myself but it didn’t happen. I am not sure if I could have just kept going if I had not walked at mile 8.  I could never really get going again at the same pace though  One good thing was that my toes did not hurt until mile 7.  That’s 2 more miles than usual.   I did finish, however.

One of the things I learned, or realized, was that I was not well hydrated.  I began to really feel this around mile 9.  I’ve had some problems on and off with this but more often when I cycle than when I run.  After the race I was thinking about it and realized that when I am off for a couple of days that I don’t tend to drink as much water as I do when I am working.  I do fine on the weekends but give me a break and I drink coffee. It is something I need to pay attention to more.

Kaiser Half Marathon

The next few days are recovery.  I have time to rest and regroup before we begin the next round.   I will try to write some more about training over the past few months.  Right now I am going to watch football and enjoy the rest of the day at the beach.





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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Training and recovery

  1. nreisig says:

    Have also learned the hydrating lesson the hard way, by winding up in the ER. It’s hard to get the amount of water you need, but important. Good job today!

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