Sometimes you just keep going

The past few weeks have not been easy.  It began with a reaction to the flu shot, followed by a  fall, seasonal allergies, and a lot of travel.  I love to travel but I do get out of my routine.  I’ve missed several workouts and I have felt it the past week.  With Sam’s encouragement (of course),  I have just kept going.  When I ask Sam if I should do something different because of my schedule, he tells me to stick to the plan.  That is what I am doing.  My times have suffered some because of missing workouts but I know that I will regain the time by being consistent and continuing to train.

One positive thing that I have noticed is that I feel stronger and like I can go longer.  I am slower right now, but I am going farther than I had been going in the pool, running and on the bike. I know that it will come together over time.

An example of consistency

My cousin Nancy is one of my examples of what can be accomplished with consistent training. She is a cancer survivor and has taken up running since her recovery. I think she ran before but she is dedicated now.  She prefers 10k’s and half marathons.  This is one of many things that I admire about her.  I love this photo of her because it looks like she is experiencing sheer joy.  Yes, sometimes you do just have to keep going and it pays off.


About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Sometimes you just keep going

  1. Nancy Reisig says:

    Thank you for the nice words! This was the beginning of the Applefest before I ran out of steam!

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