A weekend on the East Coast: ARL, Baltimore Half, and other fun things

I’ve been in D.C and Baltimore for the past few days.  I came in Thursday to attend the Association of Research Libraries Fall Forum and to run the Baltimore Half.

First stop: ARL

The meeting was quite good – presentations were not exactly what I expected based on the topic but were really valuable.  John Brown Seely’s presentation and a panel with two recent grads in non-traditional jobs were probably my favorite presentations. Brown, whose work I have admired and read for years, focused on the need to reframe our skills every five years or so in a world that is overwhelmingly technological. He also talked about how difficult this is for staff to grasp when they associate with their area of specialization.  The two new faculty members talked about using their skills to form new positions.  The one that I found most interesting is an Informationist. She works with scientists to connect information resources, people, and to manage information for them.  I imagine we will see more of these jobs in the future.

Baltimore Half weekend

On Friday afternoon I made my way to Baltimore through late afternoon traffic.  I haven’t driven in city traffic for a while but I did not have a hard time.  I do wonder who programs GPS routes though.  My first stop was Twenty Twenty Cycling to see Kris Auer and talk about triathlon bikes . I’m debating so we’ll see what I decide.  I also tried on fit kits for our fabulous new tri tops for She Does Tri that Kathleen Hayes designed. I can’t wait to see the tops when they are finished.  I planned on renting a bike to ride until I finished the very hilly run on Saturday. I don’t think I could have ridden far which was disappointing.

I stayed with my friend Vickie who I met through She Does Tri.  It was fantastic to have so much time to hang out with her and her family.  On Friday evening a group gathered at her house for a great pre-race dinner. K.C.’s boyfriend Robert previewed the course and the hills for all of us who had not done the Baltimore Half. We now knew what to expect on Saturday morning.

On Saturday morning we headed out to Baltimore.  This half is nice because it starts later in the morning.  We still had time to stand around before the race began.  I had not really planned on running the entire race since I have not worked up to 13.1 miles in my training.  My planned run for the weekend was 7 miles so my goal was to make it 7 miles and then walk and run the rest.  When I reached mile 7 I decided to see if I could make it to 8 and then kept going mile by mile and hill by hill.  I did walk for about half a mile between 8 and 9.  My left leg cramped on mile 11, going up over a bridge, but I worked it out and kept going.  The last few miles were very slow, however.  I did not make my goal time but I finished.  I hadn’t realized how many hills there were on this course.  I’ll know for next year.

Elevation map for the Baltimore Half Marathon

The rest of the weekend was relaxing – going to the spa, dinner, sleeping, watching tv, meeting friends of Vickie’s and Rick’s.  It was very good to be away and to have time with friends.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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