Finished: Callaway Gardens Triathlon

This morning I finished the Callaway Gardens International distance Triathlon.  Last summer I did the sprint at Callaway Gardens and was supposed to do the International distance as well but was injured.

Early morning transition set up

As I set up my transition area I thought about how much has changed in my life. I’ve turned into a morning person.  My mother would be amazed since she spent most of my childhood trying to drag me out of bed to get to school on time. (It wasn’t about going to school. I just liked to sleep.) I won’t say I like getting up early every single morning but there is something I do enjoy about being up early and starting my day with a workout, or today with a triathlon.

This evening someone I care about a great deal challenged me to remember why I do this.  I do remember.  I do it because I find joy in the accomplishment, no matter what my time is or where I finish.  Finishing is important to me and so is meeting my goals.  That is one reason today was so important to me. I have also found that triathlon helps me gain confidence that transfers to other areas of my life. The community I find in triathlon is also important to me. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by a supportive and fun group of people.  Today, as at other events, I met triathletes who remind me about determination and the personal goals we each have for this sport. That is another reason I continue.

I decided that I wasn’t going to wear my watch or heart rate monitor today.  I was just going to relax and enjoy the race (advice from someone else who is important to me).  Though I did look at my wrist several times until I realized the watch wasn’t there, it did help me just enjoy the time, the course, and not be as concerned about if I was meeting the goals I had set in my head.

Here is a brief overview of the Callaway Gardens race:

This is a lovely setting.  The gardens are beautiful and the course is very good overall.

The swim is in Robin Lake, a small and fairly clean lake. The swim was supposed to be 1000 but was changed to 850 this morning because of a new children’s play area in the lake. I was in the final wave since I registered as an Athena for the first time.  The group included Clydesdales, Athenas, teams and under 14.  I just stayed in the back and let the under 14 crowd go right on ahead of me.  My swim was pretty good and, when I did check my time this afternoon, faster than the sprint time at Luray.

I like this bike course quite a bit. It is fairly flat and fast but contains a challenging number of twists and turns, including twelve 90 degree turns. The course is beautiful because it passes by several of the small lakes in the gardens and through wooded areas. It was an out and back course, which I think is different than in the past. It was a pretty easy course overall.

The run was around the lake and then onto a bike trail and back around the other side of the lake. I did fall during the first mile.  There was some rough pavement and I tripped, fell, skinned up my knee and elbow. It was not enough to stop me from finishing though.  I did stop at the water stop after I fell and tried to clean up the blood and make sure it wasn’t worse than I thought.

This is my final triathlon for 2012.  I probably have about 6 months before the next one. I  have not decided which races I will do in the spring. I have several more goals that I want to meet, some before next season and some that will take me a few years.  I may take a break from blogging for a few weeks.  I’ll be back though.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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