My patience has been tested the past few weeks. This can end anytime…really.  A number of things have been going on, most of which I don’t care to write about here. Suffice to say that I ate more ice cream last week than I had eaten in a week for the last two years (only 2 DQ cones and a small Ben & Jerry’s, but that is a lot for me these days). I am happy that I didn’t do anything worse than that and that I did not eat any more ice cream. I stood in front on junk food at the grocery store a few times and thought, “Would it help anything? No, eating Doritos won’t change anything.” So I left them there. 

One of things that I am trying to be patient with and that I will write about is my stroke. It has improved a great deal but I still have a ways to go. Sam and I have working on fine tuning so I don’t drop my arm too fast and also that I remember to breathe. (Yes, I forget that I need to breathe sometimes. That is not a good thing.) We have also started working on my back stroke, which he had left alone until now.  I am at the point where I could finally feel that it was not right though.  I just was not sure what wasn’t right.We are working on what I need to change.

I am also trying to be patient with my running. I know that Dr. McGough did not even expect me to be running yet, let along running 3.5 miles, like I did today. My speed is slow, much slower than I would like. I had improved my speed for a week or two but I am slower again this week. I guess it could be the ice cream.

I’m trying to be patient with myself too.  I know that I have weeks that are not perfect but they do not have to derail all the progress I have made. Today I took my lunch again and I had a decent day. Lunch is packed for tomorrow. I did not get up in time to run this morning because I did not feel great so I ran after work. I came across a video of myself from 2009 today. I was horrified and amazed by the change that I have made, especially because I so often feel that I still have so far to go. Even with everything that has been going on, life is pretty good these days.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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