It’s a week of celebrations.  This week marks two years of working with Sam and I celebrate how much better my health is because of working with him. On Saturday I am scheduled to compete in my first full sprint triathlon since I was injured last summer.  I am looking forward to celebrating finishing, no matter what my time is. I finally had a bike fit and can’t believe how much better it is to ride a bike that actually fits me.  That is a huge thing to celebrate. I also feel much more comfortable and confident on my bike since I started working with John Hanna a few weeks ago. Finally, a non health related celebration.  On Sunday a group of us celebrated with Sam and Neika at a shower for their upcoming wedding. I am so happy for both of them.

Two years of healthier living

It’s hard to believe that two years ago I was such a different and unhealthy person. I look at photos now and almost can’t believe I ever was that person. I still have more to accomplish but I am progressing, though sometimes slower than I would like.

Sam and I have been working hard recently.  I have declared some new goals that are pushing me to a new level of intensity in my workouts. It will take a while to accomplish the goals but everything is a process and I will get there. Last week we filmed my swim again since we hadn’t done that for a while. When I look at the first tapes we did compared to last week I am amazed at how much I have progressed, especially because I felt pretty good by the time we taped the first time.  My stroke still needs work but it is much better. I need to develop a bit more patience with my stroke so it is more consistent.  I know that I will get there.

I’m rebuilding my base with my run. It has been hard but I have built back up to being able to run 2 miles.  It doesn’t sound like much but since it has only been about six weeks since I started running again, it is a lot. My time continues to improve as well. Again, it is still slow but my mile times are 5-6 minutes faster than when I began running again. Yesterday I felt like my form was much better again as well.

I have much to be thankful for because of developing a healthier lifestyle.

A bike that fits

In the photo below you can see the difference in the height of my road bike and my hybrid. It is not easy to see quite how much higher the road bike is than the hybrid, but you  get the idea.

Difference in seat height

It is no wonder I have been uncomfortable on my bikes.  During the bike fit I looked at how high the road bike is now and had a moment, ok several moments, of panic.  It looks pretty high and it is but it is now the right height and I can ride much better.  The actual difference in where the seat was and where is it now is about the length of my hand.

My handlebars have also been adjusted and I will be getting a new one.  They are two inches too wide for me. Again, no wonder my hands were falling asleep when I was riding.  Even without the new handlebars I am riding better and it is more comfortable. The biggest change that I am adjusting to is getting on the bike and getting started.  I am still a bit unsteady but I hope that I will have some more time to get on my bike before Saturday.

Last Saturday I spent some time at Oak Mountain working with John.  We rode hills and he helped me understand which gears to use and when to shift.  It already felt better so I imagine it will be much better with the new adjustments to the bike. I am working on remembering that momentum is my friend.

Happy days

Last, but not least, I am looking forward to more celebrating with this sweet couple in less than two weeks when they get married.

Neika and Sam

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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