Guest post: How Does Good Nutrition Help Fight Cancer?

Since I began this blog I have been contacted by a few people about products or posting.  Earlier this week Jillian McKee contacted me to inquire about being a guest blogger. I had not had a guest post before but I was certainly willing to consider her request.  Jillian has worked as the Complementary Medicine Advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance since June of 2009. She spends most her time on outreach efforts and spreading information about the integration of complementary and alternative medicine when used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatment.

Her message below is about nutrition and cancer treatment.  I have concentrated on diabetes in many of my posts but my family and many friends have been impacted by cancer as well. As you will see, she makes the point that good nutrition is one step in the treatment of cancer.

How Does Good Nutrition Help Fight Cancer? Jillian McKee

When it comes to maintaining health, proper nutrition is a top priority. Nutrition helps in maintaining a healthy weight, it gives the body tools to properly maintain itself, and it can even have a profound impact on mental health. When diagnosed with cancer, proper nutrition is increasingly more important.

Anorexia, not to be confused with the eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, is a loss of appetite common to those undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet before beginning treatment helps ensure the body’s strength if anorexia strikes. Start building up your reserves of vitamins and nutrients as soon as you are diagnosed in preparation for mesothelioma treatmentor other cancer treatments.

Additionally, nausea is a nearly universal side effect of cancer treatment. Eating a healthy diet with the right balance of nutrients while undergoing treatment can, in some cases, reduce the severity of nausea episodes. Further, doctors recommend that patients not eat when feeling nauseated. A daily healthy diet can help you get through periods when eating becomes impossible.

It is also important to remember that the body itself fights cancer; cancer treatments exist to supplement and support the body’s natural techniques. Human biology and health depends on the energy and tools that nutrients provide. Ensuring that your body has the necessary building blocks to fight cancer can truly make a difference.

Similarly, good nutrition helps maintain parts of the body not affected by cancer. Even though these regions of the body are not actively under attack, they do provide indirect support for the cells and systems that are attacking the cancer. All systems of the body interact and ensuring that each one of them is properly fueled makes the body more adept at fighting cancer.

It has been well established by recent medical data that a patient’s mental health and their sense of wellbeing can make a measurable difference in their prognosis. Common knowledge says that proper nutrition leads to improved mental health. To have the best possible prognosis, nutrition, for improved mental health and an optimistic attitude, are important.

Healthy, nutritious eating should not end once the cancer has gone into remission. The body has multiple methods of fight precancerous growths and activity and maintaining your body’s natural defenses helps give you the best chance possible to prevent cancer from returning.

Cancer can be a scary diagnosis, but there are steps you can take to fight. One of the best ways to cope with the anxiety and depression is to focus on what you can control. Make sure to add proper nutrition to that list.

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