A weekend of triathlon

This was a weekend of triathlon – volunteering and participating.

Sterne Agee LJCC tri and USAT CN volunteer shirt

USAT Collegiate Nationals

Tuscaloosa once again hosted the USAT Collegiate Nationals on Saturday, April 21.  There were almost 1300 athletes participating in the race. It was a little cool and cloudy but it didn’t rain as predicted. This year there was only an Olympic distance race so there were not as many age group athletes as there were when there was also a sprint.  Three women I know competed and completed the race: Cathy Pagani, Deanna Steele and Karen Spector. They all did a great job.

I was up at 4 a.m. to be at the volunteer site by 5:15 to hand out timing chips. There were several of us lined up, handing out chips in the dark of the early morning. Volunteer tent at USATCN

Waiting to see who has chip number 1There were volunteers from Tuscaloosa and from other places. It is a pretty big event to put on but USAT, the city and VeloCity do a great job.

I think the most fun I had was watching the UCSB women near the end of the run course. They were waiting for teammates but they were cheering everyone in to the finish. It was great to be around them for a while and watch how much fun they were having.

Here are a few more photos from the event including mCathy starting lap 2y friend Cathy on the bike and run. I stayed through the end of the women’s race and saw a little of the beginning of the men’s race.

USAT CN Transition areaCathy Pagani starting the bikeCathy starting the run

There was also an expo.  This man and I admired a Blue. Is anyone surprised?

Admiring a Blue

Sterne Agee LJCC Triathlon

My first race since August was on Sunday.  I registered for the Aquabike (swim and bike) because I did not think I would be running yet and I was right.  I have started running again in the past week but it is slow and so far I can only run a quarter mile at a time.  My friend Ashley also registered for this race as her first triathlon.

This is another Team Magic race and is geared to beginners. They put on great races.  I went on Saturday after I was done at the USAT’s so I could pick up my packet and check the pool and bike route.

Bib Race gear

Sunday morning was cool – only about 45 degrees before the race so we swam in the inside pool instead of the outdoor pool.  It was a really warm pool.   I was first in the Aquabike for the swim even though my swim could have been faster.  The transition from the pool to the transition area was fairly long since we had to leave the building, go back in the building, and then run the length of the parking lot back to the transition area. Since I am not running very well yet this took me a bit longer than it might have otherwise. The bike was a 6 mile out and back. Montclair Road has a few rolling hills but nothing too bad. I rode my hybrid and had not put the pedals back on that I use with my bike shoes.  I didn’t realize how much my shoes slide around on the pedals without the clips.  I really think I can switch the pedals back.  Since I was just starting to bike again in March I had them changed so I could get back on the bike and not worry about my bike shoes.

I finished the race 7 minutes faster than what I estimated I would. I was pretty happy about that. I am also glad to have finished my first race since my injury last August and my surgery in November.

Setting up my transition area. I was not quite finished.


After the race, wearing my She Does Tri hat.

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