Best laid plans

It is spring break week and I had plans to do several things, including getting in some long rides.  I didn’t plan on a root canal.  Needless to say, my plans have changed for the week.  I had not been feeling great but I thought I was just fighting the change of weather sinus condition that seems to hit us in Alabama at this time of year.  On Friday my tooth began to really hurt and it continued over the weekend.  So Monday morning I called my dentist and was immediately in the chair and having x-rays. I did, indeed, have an abscessed tooth and needed a root canal.  The earliest appointment available was today so I had to wait.  This morning I had the root canal and have spent the rest of the day sleeping.  It truly was not that bad.  I learned a long time ago that if I don’t look at the needle the dentist is putting in my jaw then I am much better off.  I guess it took about an hour but I didn’t really pay attention to the time when I left.

The interesting thing to me is that the problem with this tooth is most likely the result of something that happened years ago.  When I was in college I had surgery on my jaw to correct a problem with my hearing and earaches. This apparently can create problems with the nerves in teeth years later. Both dentists asked if I had experienced trauma to my face.  I was trying to remember something recent but both of them said it would be something that happened long ago.  I did hit the steering wheel in an accident many years ago, which may be part of the cause.  I don’t really remember any other incidents where I was hit in the face.

The main problem with the tooth is now fixed.  Next will be a crown on the tooth.

I still have a few days left of my break to get things done.  I did manage to do my first long ride on Saturday (somewhere between 15-18 miles).  It was a really nice day and a good ride on part of the Sanders Ferry route and especially fun to ride with Ashley Clayton.  Yesterday I swam 2300 and tomorrow Sam and I are going to the 50 meter pool.  I am not going to get as many workouts in as I had hoped to this week but I am fine with that.

Other things that I had planned over the past few weeks have been cancelled or delayed.  I always think that is a sign and that it means I need to re-consider decisions I had made.  More on this soon.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Best laid plans

  1. DanooooOOoo says:

    ANYTHING with teeth I nearly freak. Tooth abscess? Ahhhrrg, glad it’s fixed!

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