Nervous eating

Nervous eating, stress eating, whatever you call it, it is eating when you are not really hungry but eat anyway. On Friday I spent much of the day trying not to succumb to nervous eating. It was the first really bad weather day since April 27.  We were under severe weather threats, followed by tornado watches, and then tornado warnings. The campus closed early but the library remained open as a shelter.

I worked hard not to eat because I was nervous about the weather.  I did not totally succeed but I also didn’t go nuts because I was worried about the weather. As I texted Sam late in the day just to remind myself, eating junk food is not going to change the weather.

As much as I have worked to change my eating habits and to follow a healthier diet, there are still times when it seems more difficult to remember to eat right.  Sometimes I find that my schedule is just too crazy and that I have not prepared.  Last week I had packed my lunch as I always do, but walked out of the house without it. I had to figure out an alternative lunch. I also realized that one of my standby lunches  for when I am rushed was really making me feel rather bad.  I rely on soup as a quick lunch but even though the soups I had been choosing were low calorie or high fiber, they had tons of sodium in them.  I read labels to figure out points, but I guess I wasn’t thinking about sodium enough.  I’ve gone back to making my own soup so I know what is in it.

It all comes back to what I have said before.  I have to track and I have to pay attention.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Nervous eating

  1. Chara says:

    I caught myself doing that the other day. It was an interesting realization that my children being cranky had that effect on me. It’s good to be aware, though- I don’t think eating little debbies really helped any of us. Next time I’ll just take us all outside for some fresh air.

  2. Lori Moss says:

    You would think after doing this for so long, that I wouldn’t give into bored or nervous eating. Wrong! I’m still tempted by foods I try to avoid and give into cravings. Not your average have a small piece of dessert or one cookie. I’m talking about head in the pantry, and going from one thing to the next and randomly grazing on unhealthy snacks. If I lived alone, I wouldn’t even have this stuff in my house, but my husband packs things in his lunch that I no longer want to eat if I want to lose weight and be healthy. So it is a struggle (and I’m not blaming him for my bad behavior and weakness). Most of the time I do well and can resist. I have come along way and won’t give up. I also won’t beat myself for having a downfall moment.

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