And then I ran again

Yesterday was the day I ran again. It was short and slow, but I ran. My workout was 14 laps on the indoor track.  I completed a mile 2 minutes faster than I had a week ago and I really wanted to try to run. On lap 10 I finally ran a few steps just to see how it felt and it felt fine.  I didn’t push and I didn’t try to sprint but I think I just needed to know that I will be able to run again. I ran part of 2 1/2 laps and stopped when I started to feel a little pain. I won’t push it to try to run much before I am supposed to but now I know that I will be able to run again.  I guess I really did know, just like I knew I could bike.  But until I actually got on the bike and until I actually ran a few steps I still wasn’t sure that my body would do what I wanted it to. As I walked last night I kept thinking about when I would run again and if I just needed to wait until I could run with Sam for my first run. In the end I just needed to try on my own.

On the Achilles Blog a few of us have been debating how long it takes to really get back to 100%.  With an Achilles injury sometimes it feels like forever. In other ways, the time has passed quickly. I tend to put past injuries out of my mind pretty quickly. I don’t really forget that I was injured or forget that I might need to be a bit more cautious. Being in a cast feels like it was a lifetime ago though. This week I had to stop and remind myself that I had only been wearing two shoes for a couple of weeks. I am moving forward towards goals in the next few weeks and months.

It’s good to be back into a bit of a more rigorous training routine. This week I have had 2 days in the pool, a day in the studio with Sam that was pretty intense (and more so because I was on sugar overload that day), a full spin class and the walk/run yesterday. Tomorrow is probably my off day and on Sunday I plan on going out on the road to ride with a friend who will be doing her first triathlon in April.

I still think about how far I will be able to run and how soon I will be able to really run. I am still probably a good 6 weeks out from really beginning to run again and it could be longer than that.  I have a few deferred half marathons that I have to do the paper work for soon. The first one would be in October but I really don’t know if I will be up to 13.1 miles by then.  I am fairly certain that I will be able to do 5K’s again this year.  I am still hoping that my first triathlon is Luray in August. I will do the Aquabike in April and that should let me gauge how I am doing. I will also ride in Tour de Cure in May and plan to ride in the Hot Hundred in July. For both of those rides I will opt for the shorter distance.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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