Swim, bike, run: Reflections on Recovery and the Next Stage


I saw my doctor on Monday so now I can officially wear two shoes. He said my Achilles tendon has healed and looks good. Now I need to regain the strength in my leg that I have lost. He thinks it will take anywhere from two to six months before I run again and leaned towards the six month mark. That is six months from now – so July. I hope it is sooner but I won’t push things too much so I don’t hurt myself again. I have read a few horrifying stories on the AchillesBlog about people re-rupturing their tendon and having to have further surgery.That is not what I want.

I can ride my road bike again so I need to take my bikes to VeloCity and have the pedals changed on at least one bike so I have an option of clip or non-clip pedals. In December I went through a period where I felt fairly terrified about ever getting on a bike again, let alone a bike with clip in pedals.  I seem to have worked through that. Now I am feeling a bit terrified about ever running again.  I’m sure I will work through it as well.

All of these photos were taken in 1965 when I was 5 years old.  It looks like I had triathlon figured out already then: swim, bike, run. I am hoping to enter a triathlon again later this year. My goal is the Luray Sprint in August.

I love these images because I look so carefree and pretty happy.  I was five though. (Ignore the dates. My mom never got around to getting pictures developed.) This reflects how I often feel when I am working out or afterwards.  There is a release and a calmness.  Yes, I often feel tired and sometimes have stiff or aching muscles as well. I sometimes tell Sam the weight is too heavy and rarely that I don’t think I can do something. But overall, working out consistently has been the best thing I have done in years.


On Sunday I bought a pair of Dansko’s.  They are great but they do take getting used to because of the additional support as well as not having worn shoes since Sept. 29th.  Tonight will be the first time I will wear my Brooks since September.  I imagine that it will feel a bit odd at first and will take some getting used to as well. I am afraid of tripping or falling down stairs so I am ultra careful.  (These are things I do and the reason my brother gave me several choice nicknames while I was growing up.) I will be working on balance with the physical therapist.  We had been working on that before I injured the Achilles tendon.  I start PT again on Friday so I am not sure what else she has in store for me.

This is certainly not something I would have chosen to go through but it has not been completely awful either. I was forced to stop and rest; to take some time that I needed (and I would gladly take another 6 weeks but not due to an injury). I have learned that I can continue to workout and that I can maintain my weight loss even if I am stuck hopping around on one foot. That makes me feel very positive for the future and for being able to lose the final weight I want to lose.


I have worked on re-focusing on nutrition and need to continue to do that so my diet is also consistent. I need to create the time to prepare what I need for food and remember that it is a priority. That is not always easy when I have a million things to get done and deadlines looming.

Lunch is about over so I need to wrap this up for today. I’ll be getting back to writing more about my workouts, food and other things and not just injury.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Swim, bike, run: Reflections on Recovery and the Next Stage

  1. OMGosh…I just love these pictures in the old neighborhood! You are adorable. Sounds like you’re healing wonderfully and being wise with not pushing too hard. In no time you’ll be running races again! Take care, you’ve been through a lot….but have persevered through it all.

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