Two shoes

Today I wore two shoes for the first time since Sept. 29, 2011. It was quite exciting.  I was supposed to wait until morning but when I got up today I thought I would give it a try.  I took my boot along with me in case I needed it.  It went fairly well though.

Danskos (I don't think they are that ugly.)

The top photo is the right shoe I have been wearing with my boot and cast.  The left one is in a bit better shape. The bottom photo is of my new Dansko’s – my birthday present and shoes that have support. My podiatrist will be pleased. I have a bag of shoes to take with me tomorrow to see which  shoes I can wear and if I should avoid any.  Most are flat.  I haven’t worn heels much for years though I do have a pair I love.  I don’t think I will be wearing them anytime soon though. Many of the people on the Achilles blog wear Crocs to start off with after getting out of the boot.  My Crocs have the Bama Elephant on them and say Alabama Crimson Tide on them.  I suppose I could get away with wearing them to work but they do not match much that I wear.

I will write more after I see my doctor tomorrow.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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