Friday’s child: A few random musings on my birthday weekend

“Friday’s child is loving and giving”

Fair warning that this really is quite random and perhaps a bit rambling.

My birthday is on Sunday this year but I was born on a Friday. The poem that I quote was part of my childhood and I hope I have those characteristics.

Lately I’ve thought a lot about the stories I have heard about my first year lately, probably because my oldest sister died in December and she was connected to many of the stories.

I have a letter that my grandmother wrote shortly after I was born. Grandma Jackson never wasted a name on a baby she thought might die so I am just referred to as “the baby” in the letter. I was premature and weighed less than 5 pounds.  I am 17 years younger than my next sister so they were not quite prepared for another baby. According to other stories I have heard, my sister Janet took me to the grocery store where she worked at the time to weigh me. I didn’t weigh as much as the bag of flour or sugar she put on the other side of the balance scale.  Janet and her roommates thought they could take care of me because I would not be much more trouble than their pet monkey. Janet has always made me laugh and has always taken very good care of me.

Barb, my oldest sister, and my sister Janet went and picked me up from the hospital. My mom was ill and remained in the hospital for some time longer. After that they all had to decide what to do with me. I also have the hospital bill from my stay after I was born.  I was there a week and the bill was $60.50. Barb kept me for a while but then my Aunt Leora came and took me home until my mother got better.  Little did she know she had me for life. She thought it was temporary and for several years I was told that there was always a chance that I would move back to my real parents at any time. It never happened though. I stayed with my aunt and uncle, who I usually just call my mom and dad. If I really start to talk about my family I just confuse people so I will skip that for now.

So it is my birthday weekend I have made it much longer than anyone thought I would when I was born. I’ve lived many places and have done many things that I don’t think anyone, including myself, would have imagined. If anyone had told me in my 20s that I would be living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and be a library administrator when I was in my 50s I would have told them that was not likely. But here I am and it is now home. It’s hard to tell what the rest of my life will bring though.  I have never been one to proclaim what I will do in 5 years or 10 years or feel like I have failed because I didn’t meet someones goal for my life. I admit that I do get annoyed about other people’s goals for my life that have nothing to do with my interests, desires, or wishes, but deep down I do not feel like I have failed because I haven’t lived their dream. I have lots of dreams, wishes, and hopes right now. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.  For now I will just celebrate.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Friday’s child: A few random musings on my birthday weekend

  1. Grandma Jackson probably refered to me as” the baby” also because I fit in a shoebox when I was born. Guess she got over that as the years went by. Was musing on Tuesday that Mom and Dad would have been married 75 years this year, if they were still alive. Have a happy birthday tomorrow and celebrate who you are, not who anyone thinks you should be.

  2. Thanks. I don’t think I had ever heard you fit in a shoebox. We were quite a crew. The letter said I looked like Clara but I wasn’t as big as she had been. Then in true Grandma J fashion, she goes on to write about someone’s funeral in the next sentence and what she will do if her check came on time. There isn’t a date but that means it was written right after I was born since checks came on the 2nd or 3rd. I have a letter from Aunt Ginger someplace too. She wrote about how mad Grandma Bet was that mamma, Aunt Ginger and Aunt Julia were all have babies at “their age”.

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