Comfort Zone

This morning I went to my comfort zone  – the pool.  If anyone had told me that the pool would become the place I like to be more than most anywhere else I would have told them they were absolutely crazy. It is funny how things change. I know I have written about my transformation to become a swimmer before but I continue to be amazed by it.

I was a little late and I was awake during the night so I did not make it in time to spin.  I also know myself well enough to know that I might have done something I really should not have done if I had gone to spin – like standing or trying jumps. Neither work well with a boot. I could also imagine that I might have done something like try to stand and ride and fallen over. I don’t need a broken arm. There is a story about someone who fell off a spin bike in the studio.  I did not want to be another story.

So I swam. It’s January so the pool was full but I was able to split a lane with someone.

I did the following:

100 warm up

600 swim – free

10 x 25s for speed

100 with a pull buoy

200 free and back

100 cool down

This is pretty typical but I am still working my way back up to my pre-surgery workouts. I’ll get there soon.

I don’t have too many friends who swim so I don’t know if it is their time to think or not. My friends who run often say that when they run they think about their day and get their best ideas. On rides we talk to one another. My time in the water is my time to clear my mind of all distractions. The only thing I usually think about is what lap I am on and even then I sometimes lose count and just get lost concentrating on my stroke. Every so often I think about a story while I swim but that is rare. Lately I have been concentrating on rotation again so maybe I am thinking about that – just exactly how my body is moving through the water and how I am rotating, where my body is positioned in the water. I can feel the difference when I am rotating correctly and when I am not. I feel strong when I swim now and I can remember when I did not feel that way at all.

I enjoy running and biking but swimming seems to be where I feel most at peace. It’s always the best part of my day.

Miller Center pool

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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