Full weight bearing … for real

Today started week 11 post-op. I have made some progress over the past few days.  This morning at physical therapy we finally decided that I can put away the crutches unless I really, really need them. That means that in Achilles tendon surgery lingo I am now full weight bearing or FWB.  I can also lift my left foot as high as I can lift my right foot. I still have the boot for a few more weeks so I have not quite made it to two shoes.  I hope that is my birthday present when I see Dr. McGough on January 30th.  That is the plan at this time.

Standing, sans crutches

Life is slowly returning to normal. I have started putting things back where they belong in my house. Before surgery I moved clothes to lower drawers, my computer equipment to my bedroom, and made several other adjustments to make life easier. I’m glad to be returning to normal.

I am adding things back to my workouts. I started working on the stationary bike a few weeks ago but yesterday was my first long ride. I made it 50 minutes. Today I tried the spin bike and I was able to ride, even with the boot. I don’t think I will try jumps with the boot but I can pedal. I may try to go to spin in the morning – assuming I make it to the Rec in time to get a pass. I am still taking it easy on the spin bike compared to what I am used to but it was still nice to be back on the bike. Getting back on the bikes inside makes me feel less apprehensive about getting back on my road bike when I am ready. I still may swap pedals to begin with but I will have to see when the time comes to get back on the roads.

Yesterday I realized just how far I have come over the past year and a half or so.  I was reviewing my past week and thought, “I missed two days this week.” Then I realized that I did work out 5 times during the past week, just not on the days I normally workout. And that would be about 5 more times than I would have done two years ago at this time.  As Sam said, it doesn’t matter which day you come to workout, it just matters that you do it. This will probably make my doctor smile.

I have a goal for week 17.  This afternoon I registered for a 1 mile walk/run with a goal to walk. I am hopeful.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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