The little things are the big things

One of my favorite t-shirts has this saying on it.

It's the little things that count

This week there were lots of little things to be happy about in my life. My PT is progressing.  I can now scrunch up a towel with my toes, stand on a slant board and I’m starting to balance on my injured foot again. I cannot go up a flight of stairs yet, as I learned on Thursday when I did it because there was no ramp.  My ankle was rather swollen Thursday night. That will come too though.

Scrunching a towel with my toes

Standing on the slant board

I am now going to physical therapy twice a week because the PT knows I do the exercises on my own and I workout. This week I did not get all my workouts in.  When the alarm went off at 5 am on Tuesday morning it was just too early to get up to swim. I stayed up much later than usual the night before – Roll Tide! I knew I would be sorry I didn’t get up – and I was – but I tried to not beat myself up too much because I knew I was going to have a long day on Tuesday. On Thursday I decided that going and biking would not be the best thing for my swollen ankle. This week I will get back to my schedule though.

Today I went to the Miller Center, near where I live, to swim.  I had not planned on leaving the house today but I needed to go buy cat treats so I decided I might as well swim too.  I never know what I will find at this particular pool on Saturday afternoon but I had most of the pool to myself which was quite nice. I am still not back to swimming my mile plus workouts.  I can’t decide if I am not pushing myself enough to get there or if I am just not quite ready to swim that far at this point. I swam 1200 today. Yesterday I swam 1350 with Sam and spent most of that workout doing 100’s for time. My ankle did not bother me during either workout so I am taking that as a good sign and as a sign that it is getting stronger. I know this healing process takes time.


Tuesday night was the Tuscaloosa Track Club Banquet.  TTC is a great group and I have been a member for about a year. I knew I was not getting an age group award because I have not been able to race much and because I am in a really competitive age group. I wanted to go to celebrate with friends though. One of my faculty members is an outstanding runner and won one of the top awards. But I was surprised. I did not receive an award for running this year but I did receive an award as Volunteer of the Year. I feel quite honored. I worked races last spring and learned how to score and get things organized. It does take a whole team of people to run a race.

TTC Volunteer of the Year


I have a three day weekend which is now almost half over. I have a number of things to get done so I will write more this week.



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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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