Reflections on the Silly Season and other thoughts

Earlier this week Dr. Barbara Berkeley wrote a post on Refuse to Regain about the Silly Season – this time of year when you cannot pick up a magazine, newspaper or other print media, turn on the news or, in the current day, read twitter or Facebook without seeing story after story about the magic new diet. She points out a few examples of stories that contain conflicting information (like a headline that states low protein promotes weight gain while the story talks about high protein doing same thing).  The point is that there is a lot of confusing information floating around, especially at this time of year, so we need to be careful readers.

The silly season passes but there is still confusing and contradictory information throughout the year.  Read carefully. Choose your path wisely. Know that there is no easy answer, but there is an answer. It just takes work and dedication.

I actually looked at the picture below and thought, “I have my own version of the silly season with trying to stuff everything in the tiny locker during the winter months.” (Add a winter coat, towels, and work clothes because I couldn’t take the picture when I thought this the first time.)

Just try to shut this without having it get stuck

I prefer my silly season to the confusion. It’s amazing what I can really jam in the locker when I have to.

Other blogs

Before I continue I want to mention two other blogs that I read.  I’ve mentioned David Glover’s blog before but I thought his post today was a good reminder for the new year. David suggests trying to change one thing at a time, instead of everything at once. He cites Stephen Covey’s idea that it takes 21 days to change a habit. It’s much easier to start small than to try to change everything at once and then do nothing because it gets discouraging.

My friend Sue Stauffacher, a wonderful writer of children’s and young adult books, started a blog called stirthepotgr that has been featuring plant based foods.  Sue also has a facebook page and a twitter feed for the blog.  There have been some great recipes on the site.  It does make me homesick, both for Grand Rapids and my old neighborhood and for my friends who live in GR.

Progress – tiny steps forward

I posted a couple of photos on facebook yesterday of my progress with PT.  I can lift my foot higher now though I still have a ways to go. My doctor said I can start trying to stand while I am in PT as long as I don’t have pain. That will start this week.  I have been working on PT on my off days and in the evenings as well.

Massaging my scars

Lifting my foot

On the Achilles blog there has been quite a bit of discussion about massaging scars. It is not the most pleasant thing but it is necessary.  I was not quite sure why until I finally asked the PT on Friday. She said that the scar tissue has to be broken up so it doesn’t stick to what is underneath. If it isn’t broken up then movement is inhibited.  I’ll take the pain.

I swam four times this week. On Friday Sam had me working on speed again as well as fine tuning stroke. I’m not quite back, but I am getting there. One thing that I have to rebuild is being able to swim a lap without breathing. I could do that before surgery but right now I can only make it about half a lap. I’ll get there again.  Swimming seems to make my ankle feel much better.

This weekend I spent a little time shopping and some more time cooking. It is nice to be able to do a few more things everyday.  I had been wanting some new spatulas because mine were pretty worn out so I bought some red and yellow ones from William Sonoma. Last night I experimented with a crockpot recipe. It actually turned out pretty well.  I semi made it up because I had some chicken, quite a few vegetables that I needed to use, and chicken broth. I just put it all in the crockpot with some herbs and let it cook.  I have enough for the week. I also bought some beans and other grains yesterday to experiment with in the next few weeks. I’m not sure what I will make with them yet.

New spatulas

Tulips - a little bit of spring

Crockpot dinner

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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