Other pursuits, or things you probably don’t know about me

This weekend I have been thinking about several of the things I have done throughout my life because I was interested in them or because I really wanted to pursue them.  My dad’s industrial accident taught me many things and one was if there was something that I really wanted to do, don’t wait.  You don’t know what tomorrow might bring. So what have I done? Here are a few things.

  • Lived in several states (Virginia, Michigan, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Florida, Alabama, not necessarily in that order)
  • Took ballroom dance lessons and danced as a pro-am couple in competitions.
  • Took tap lessons in my 20s because I could not take them as a child.
  • Went to Audubon camp in Maine twice. One year for writing and one for drawing.
  • Took pottery classes. Pounding on clay was great therapy after finishing my dissertation.
  • Traveled to England, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Israel.
  • Took Improv classes from someone who had performed in Second City and performed.
  • Earned a DTM from Toastmasters
  • Went on several storytelling retreats, which began my love of storytelling and pursuit of a degree in storytelling.
  • Sabbatical in Tennessee at ETSU to study storytelling and work at the National Storytelling Network.
  • Studied yoga, Reiki, and meditation.
  • Lots of event planning, organizing and fundraising for various non-profits.

I could write at length about each of these and I may at some point. Dance was a great exercise and I was in excellent shape, especially when I was ballroom dancing and competing. We had a lot of fun and traveled to Hawaii and Ohio for competitions.  Many of the other things I did reduced stress and were really good ways to relax, learn something new, and meet new people. There are some things on the list that I would like to do again and I may find time to in the future. I’m always learning something new and always looking for new challenges. Exercise and triathlon have been my main challenges the past year and a half or so but they are not the only challenges I have had. I have several things on my list. Some will have to wait until my Achilles tendon is healed.  I don’t see an International Distance triathlon in the near future, but I will do that and a Half-Ironman.  I’ll have to work my way back into these though.

After all, as my friend David Glover posted earlier today, “The greatest travesty in life is to live with the regret of having not done something – should have, would have, could have. So easy, though, to rationalize not doing something. So, now, what to do next…!?!?”

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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