Week 4: Cast number 2 (no gory photos)

I put the gory photos on my AchillesBlog this week.  If you want to see my incisions you can look here.

I did get a new cast today.  This one is crimson, though it is difficult to really tell in the photo.

Cast number 2

I was a bit disappointed to hear that I will get another cast in two weeks, though I am not sure why.  That will mean I will be in a cast until the end of December and will be non-weight bearing for 8 weeks instead of 4 or 6. The incisions are healing but have a little ways to go. The main issue is the Achilles tendon healing properly. In addition to weaving in a tendon, he used muscle to repair the tendon. This takes time to heal. The bottom of my foot feels numb. At this point it is unclear why. It may just be the incisions healing (I hope) or something may have happened to a nerve (I hope not). It basically feels like the arch of my foot is asleep. It is not painful, just annoying. I can sort of move my toes but not like on my right foot. I wonder what this will mean for running.

My leg has atrophied some but not as much as I thought it might. I know it will atrophy more before this is over. I’m just happy that it isn’t too bad yet.

Push-ups, the new burpee

I am back to working out and I am trying to go 4-5 times a week.  This week I have made it 3 days so far. I’m working with Sam three days a week right now. It helps to have him motivate me.

Push-ups have become the new burpee.  I never thought I could do push-ups and have always avoided them. Right now I can only do modified push-ups since I cannot put weight on my left foot.  On Monday I did 90. Yesterday I probably did 80.  I know I did at least 60 and then  Sam had me keep going to tweak my form. For now, the push up has replaced the burpee and the goal is to do full push-ups when I am full weight bearing again.

Other than push-ups, I am spending a lot of time on the arm bike. I’m also working with ropes, weight machines, free weights, and doing a variety of crunches. I cannot really get my heart rate up like I could with two feet, or even when I was in the boot, but I can get a good workout.

Eating and other things

Eating was a little more difficult last week and I need to get back to tracking. The holidays are always more challenging though. This week I have been working on finishing a long term project so my focus has been on that rather than on really paying close attention to what I am eating. The project is finished, at least for now, so that is no longer an excuse.

I had an incentive today. Before my doctor’s appointment I went to get my hair cut. When I went to get a smock, I just picked up the top one instead of going through the pile to make sure I had the largest size. I did look at the tag – I always do – and the smock was a medium. I almost put it down but I decided to try it first. It actually fit and I was able to button it. A year ago I still did not fit in the largest smocks.  I texted a friend and said I felt shallow because I was so happy about this. She said I should feel good about what I had accomplished – that this was tangible proof. She is right.

I have a list of blog topics and hope to add some more posts over the next few weeks. I still have two weeks before I go back to work for a few days. I also have a number of projects that I would like to finish in that time.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Week 4: Cast number 2 (no gory photos)

  1. There is nothing shallow about that at all!!! That’s FANTASTIC!!!

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