Helpful tools: Navigating on one foot

I have a number of “tools” to help me get around while I can’t put weight on my left foot.  I started with crutches and a walker. Both are useful, but limited.  This week I rented a knee walker, which I mentioned already. It is much easier to use to get around and I have only fallen off once.  (Fortunately my friend Laurie was here to help me get up.)  I have also been using my office chair to push around the house and carry things like my laundry basket to the washer.

The best thing so far is the Xerosox I received yesterday.  I learned about this on the Achilles Blog and ordered one because it said it could cover the cast and be waterproof.  I looked at some others and this one looked like the best option.  There were some comments about it being difficult to get on but the tech who put my cast on gave me tips on getting these cast covers on (roll it down and pull it on).  It came a week earlier than I expected.  I used it for the first time this morning and it was great to be able to actually take a shower again.  I am lucky that my shower is small and has two seats.  I have a shower head with a hose that is easier to use too. The doors fell off my shower a year or so ago, which had not made me very happy.  It turns out to be a good thing for my current situation though.


The other useful little device I have acquired is a thing that helps you pick things up.  A friend lent it to me.  I had not thought about these things before my surgery.  I was concerned about other things and getting ready to be off for a month (now longer).  This little gadget is very useful for picking up the newspaper in the driveway and the socks that I seem to drop as soon as I take them off.  I am sure that I will find other uses for it too.

Grabber? thing to pick stuff up with? What is this called?

Today a friend took me to the grocery store and I got to drive one of those electric carts around to get groceries. It is a different vantage point.

Because of my mom’s diabetes which caused her to lose her leg and my dad’s accident which caused his brain damage, I have not necessarily taken mobility for granted. Still, I don’t think I ever really realized just how many barriers there can be.  There are dips in sidewalks that I never really noticed until I was rolling on the knee walker.  Steps have to be navigated. I can forget trying to get into the building where I work until I can put at least partial weight on my foot.  Even with handicapped parking, I still have to go over a median strip, through a bus lane, and up to a sidewalk before I even get to the front door.

I am glad I can hop and that I am pretty strong on one foot.  All that work on the bosu ball paid off, as did the squats and other strength work I have done over the past year and a half.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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