First Post Op appointment (not for the squeamish)

Fair warning, photos not for the squeamish are included.

First, here is my Achilles blog, which won’t have information on it that isn’t here.   This site has blogs from many people recovering from a range of Achilles injuries.  It also has quite a bit of good information on it if you have injured your Achilles.  There is also a fun widget on the site which I can’t figure out how to import to this site.  It uses the NY City Marathon to track progress towards recovery.  I am NWB right now – non weight bearing.

Bandages come off

It was so nice to have the bandages come off. My leg could breathe for a while.  It looked gross and I can see what people have told me about how fast the leg starts to atrophy.  But it was about 20-30 minutes with no splint or cast.

It looked pretty awful to me.  I was surprised to see three incisions in my leg.  One by the Achilles, one where the tendon was taken from my foot, and the third one where the tendon was pulled through.  The last one was the one that surprised me.  I was also not quite sure where he had cut to take the tendon out.

After the splint came off, the nurse took out the stitches.  This hurt some but not awful.  There were a couple of tight ones that were stuck and stung a bit coming out.  I survived.

So, here are gruesome pictures. Don’t you love cell phones?

Scars Angle 2 Nov 17

Scars Angle one Nov. 17

I realized that I should have had a before surgery picture.  Oh well.

Next the bandages went on before the doctor came in to look at it.

Before and after

I do have before and after x-rays.  I could not figure out the angle so I brought them along so Dr  McGough could explain what I was looking at.  He did take the bone spur off, then also had to drill a hole in my heel, take the tendon from the foot and weave it into the Achilles to strengthen it. He told me that my scars look very good and look just like they are supposed to at this point. I was happy about that.

The x-rays are not terribly clear but you can see where the bone spur was and then were it is removed.  There was a lot of other stuff that they cleaned up as well.  It doesn’t show up on the x-ray.

Before ( the line is drawn in to show the Achilles)


I have to be out for 4 more weeks. I had expected 4 weeks total but it will be 6 weeks. It will work out.


I have my first hard cast and did not expect to get to select a color. The first color I was offered was Carolina Blue. No offense to my Tar Heel friends, but I couldn’t imagine a Carolina Blue cast.  There were a number of neon colors (no) and a few that I decided I could alternate between since I will have at least 2 more casts (I think).  I started with purple – not thinking about any significance to the color but because I like purple. Next in the color rotation will be burgundy.

Bandages before the cast Nov 17

Cast number one Nov 17

New mode of transportation

I also rented a knee walker before I left.  These are not for the uncoordinated and take a bit of getting used to. It is much easier to get around though.

Knee walker.

I can drive when I have to and I can exercise upper body.  Both are good and I will use caution when doing either one.  Most of my time will be spent like this though:

Petting Pete

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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