Post op

Pete watching over me

It’s Friday.  Surgery was Monday and feels like a million years ago.  I’ve spent most of the week sleeping.  Several people have come and stayed with me to make sure I am ok.  I appreciate that very much.

The surgery was not quite as extensive as they thought it would be.  One bone spur was removed and my Achilles tendon was repaired.  That means a tendon was taken from the bottom of my foot.  The Achilles tendon was not torn though, just stretched. Hopefully it won’t take as long to heal.   Right now I am in a splint.  Next week I get a cast but I still cannot put weight on it for several weeks.

I miss swimming most of all.  I am certainly glad that I was swimming though and doing the upper body work.  It helps with the crutches and the walker.  I’m slow but I can move. (Note that I cannot get to my front door in less than 15 minutes, however, and that I am about at the point of not going to the front door at all.)

Foot in splint

I am not bored and I am not in terrible pain.  I have plenty to do when I am not sleeping and none of it involves work (i.e. my job) right now.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Post op

  1. Lorraine Crandall says:

    Hey Millie,
    I had surgery to repair my achilles tendon August 4th and can relate to your story. I am on crutches now, I can drive, and hopefully within the next couple of week, will be walking without my crutches. The good in all of this is that my paperwork is done, I don’t have any more piles of magazines and all of the cupboards that are waist high or lower have been cleaned out. I put a note on the door to go around so if I didn’t make it to the door, too bad…lol. I read on the internet that you need to eat a lot of protein, (liver is good, if you can) red beats, take your vitamins and follow the doctor’s orders. I have found that a positive attitude (which you have) always helps and if you have been knocked down, with as busy as you are, you must need the rest. Grandma always said you heal when you sleep. Hang in there. My thoughts are with you and I am living proof that it heals if you do what you are suppose to. Take Care.

    If you don’t remember me, Lorraine (Laurie) Crandall from Handy. Again, take care.

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