I do have a number of superstitious friends.  Yes, things come in three’s and I have had at least three bad things this week.  I thought only my grandmother and mother passed on the business about things coming in threes.

The foot

I was off by a few days but I am now in a boot, as predicted.  It does not go with my new red dress but my friend Nan told me how to apply glitter if I wanted to.  (You have to know Nan and our history to fully appreciate this.)

I see a sports injury doctor on Monday.  I won’t even guess what he will tell me.  The Achilles is torn – that is the official word.  There has been a spectrum of inflamed to torn to separated to ruptured, depending on who I talked to.  What it really means is that I won’t be competing in the Lake Lanier Triathlon this weekend or in either half marathon I had scheduled for this fall. I’m hoping that I am good  to go by Seaside though (March 2012).

The house

My internet is down at home for several more days.  My refrigerator is not working but it is in process of being fixed.

Number three

My car is making awful, rattly noises.  Three things. I should be covered and things should improve.  Right?

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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