And one more

I don’t know how I forgot this accident because it was a classic. My sister just reminded me.  We were in New York City for my graduation trip – seeing plays, visiting museums, staying with friends. It was the summer of 1984 when I was getting ready to move to Virginia Beach.  It was one of those whirl wind, let’s see how much we can do in 48 hours trips.  We went to see 42nd Street and Sunday in the Park with George (2nd row, close enough so Mandy Patinkin could have spit on me).   We were at the New York Historical Society to see the Audubon Elephant folio.  I fell down the front steps on the way out.  My sister was ahead of me, didn’t realize I was flat on my back on the ground.  A guy got off a bus to help me up, which I thought was quite nice in New York City.  We were supposed to walk across Central Park but that was not going to happen.  I wound up on Patrick’s couch with  ice on my foot and Zoe, the Jack Russell, staring at me for the remainder of the trip.

I’m sure I am forgetting other accidents, like the fall getting out of the cab in Chicago a few years ago.  Yes, I have tripped and fallen quite a bit in my life.  It’s amazing I have ankles I can walk on at all, let alone run on.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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