Getting my head back in the right place

My head has been out of whack for a while now.  Since April I have been stuck in the same 10 lb zone – up, down, up, down.  Last week I was talking to my doctor and he thought I might need to increase my intensity since I have lost so much weight and have been working out regularly.  When I talked to Sam he said, “Does he know what you have been doing? Your workouts are intense enough. Your head has plateaued.” I have been thinking about this the past few days.  He’s right.


This is some of what I have been doing for exercise this summer:

TRX – see  if you don’t know what that is.

Swimming a lot – we have increased the intensity of my workouts since my hamstring injury a few weeks ago. I’m working with fins and swimming longer and harder. I’m seeing my stroke improve since I have been in the pool almost every day for the past two weeks.

Power ropes or battle ropes – We have just started using these.  I was trying to find a decent video to post but they are kind of long.  Just Google it. They are heavy and they are hard work.  I love it.

Battle ropes or power ropes

Stress and fretting

I tend to stress and fret about things I really can’t control. It becomes a vicious cycle and it does affect everything in my life.  I am trying to get better about this and I think I have. It doesn’t mean that I have arrived yet and this time of year always seems a little more stressful.  I still live on an academic calendar and probably always will. August and September are the beginning of my new year. There are lots of things to do this time of year but it seems like that is a constant. I have two major projects to finish.  Once they are done I will be quite relieved.


I have been reviewing my journals and my workouts from last year. This time last year was a real turning point.  I want to make this year a turning point as well so I can accomplish my goals. I guess it makes sense that my head has to catch up with the rest of the change. It’s probably good that I have had to slow down a little and reflect. I’ll be stronger for this time. I know that I can reach the goal I want to in the coming year. One example of a turning point was doing the BodPod last year.  I’ve seen a 13% change in my body fat to lean mass since then. I’m getting pretty close to the goal Sam set at that time – though still have a little ways to go to get there.

I need to look at things like this and realize how far I have come:

Oct. 15, 2010 shirt underneath; Aug. 14, 2011 shirt on top

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Getting my head back in the right place

  1. Lori says:

    Millie, you have come so far and have been such a fine example for the rest of us out here. Not just for your weightloss journey, but how you live your life. I remind myself all the time that worry doesn’t add anything positive to my life and that I will not be a slave to it, and that God is in control…that’s really the way He wants it. God Bless you, and keep up the great work!

  2. Something to remember on weight–that you already know–muscle weighs more than fat, so the number in the scale might not be changing, but you could be gaining muscle & losing fat. Go by how clothes are fitting and don’t make excuses (well, these pants are just stretched out/shrunk a little). I’ve also had to adjust calorie goals as I’ve gotten more efficient–it takes less calories to fuel the same workouts now than it used to. AND…most important, numbers are just numbers. The truth is you aren’t so much working toward a goal (finish line), you’re training for life. Let the numbers work themselves out–they will. Great work!! Keep it up!!!!

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