At least two people told me they knew I would see my injury as an opportunity.  I have.  Not being able to run or bike or do much else the past week has allowed me to concentrate on swimming, physical therapy and taking care of myself.  I cancelled my races through the beginning of October so my triathlon season is over for this year.  I was initially disappointed but as Sam and I have been working on refining my stroke, I realized that this gives me time to really concentrate on swimming as well as running and biking when I can do those activities again. I’m learning how to swim longer distances without breathing.  What a concept – and I can swim faster. I know I will be better for this injury in the end.  Sounds kind of odd, but I think it is true.

I’ve been going to physical therapy and have progressed already.  Today I did lunges again. On Friday I was able to do squats.  I know…so exciting and crazy.  But if you have ever torn your hamstring and are a runner, you know that it is exciting.  My doctor told me three weeks.  I see him again on Wednesday so I’ll see what he says. Probably three weeks.

Hand bike

Ok, so it’s a hand bike, not an arm cycle.  I just have a mental block with this machine. It is probably because I had to do it when I was injured the last time and could not see the opportunity in the injury. It was a very discouraging time and the hand bike just reminds me of that.  Now that I have figured that out, I can face it again.  My sister asked me what it was so here is a picture just for her.

Hand bike

As I look back, that injury was an opportunity as well. I had to sink to a pretty low place and realize what I really needed to do to change my life.  Sometimes I am slow. I’m glad I finally caught on though because life is much better now.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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