Mind games, or perspective

This past week I have been struggling with mind games again.  The mental challenges of losing lots of weight, being more physically active than I have ever been in my life, and the change that goes along with it are sometimes a challenge.  I get to a point like I did about a week and a half ago (100 lbs off on exactly that day) and start to question if I can really make it to my goal.  That along with increased stress at work have contributed to a slight set back and gain this week.  I will conquer this, however.

Support systems

I have written about support systems before. These are really a key ingredient to success. Yes, I have to do the work and I have to be committed to change and continuing to monitor what I eat and what I do. BUT, without support it is really next to impossible. I know this from past experience.  I believe that this time I have the right support systems in place.  They come from all aspects of my life – family, friends, co-workers, complete strangers.  My coach/trainer and doctors have been vital in this process. I don’t have to tell you that if you have read any of this blog.

Back on track

The past week was just hectic.  My schedule was crazy and I had too many meals on the run without thought beforehand.  Planning is very important to my process.  I often plan an entire week of meals in advance.  It takes time and it does not always work out perfectly, but it keeps me thinking about what I am doing or going to do. I did not do that last week.  Tonight I am going to plan.  Especially at this time of year I have to fit in extra meetings, orientations, lunches, meet and greets, etc.  This is the beginning of my year since I still live on an academic calendar.  I have learned that I really don’t have to eat at all of these events because no one really cares. (Now I have set myself up for the week ahead. Oh well.)


I do have to stop and realize how far I have come and what I have done in the past year and a few months.  Even though I was not thrilled with my time yesterday, a year ago I was barely running at all and could really only sort of jog around the short end of the Rec Center track (8.5 laps = 1 mile).  Yesterday I ran a mile before my leg tightened up too much to run and I have been running 3-4 miles at a time lately.  I also was looking at the bibbs that are hanging on a clip on my refrigerator:

Almost a year's worth of race bibbs

I asked Sam yesterday if he would have imagined that we would be going to a triathlon a year ago.  He said yes and I believe him.  He sees that I am capable of more than I often do. I’m grateful for that support.

A new week

It’s a new week and I am back on track.  Things are going to be fine and I will reach my goal. I will try to quit fretting (but that is not always easy) and just enjoy the process of getting there.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Mind games, or perspective

  1. Dana says:

    Soon it’s going to take more than a clip on the fridge to hold all those race bibs!!!

    I’m really glad to read this before I head out on a trip this week. My big race (Rocket Man) is coming up in TWO WEEKS!! I can’t afford to eat anything on my food allergy list or I’ll feel miserable, but (as you reminded me in this post) IT’S GOING TO REQUIRE THOUGHT AND PLANNING!!!

    I read a great quote yesterday, “I’m not willing to give up what I want most for what I want now.” I’m going to try to keep that in the front of my mind at all times!!


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