Is it really already August?

August is back to school month.  In the South we go back to school much earlier than we did up North.  It’s hot.  I think that is part of the reason school starts earlier.  I really don’t know for sure though.  It’s already August though so summer is over for the most part.

A change of pace ride

This weekend I went to Atlanta for my cousin’s surprise birthday party. We actually managed to surprise him, too.  It was fun and a nice get away.  Today before I headed back, Dionne and I went and rode the Big Creek Greenway near Roswell.  I took my bike in hopes that we could ride.  This morning did not look promising since it was raining, but it cleared up, got really muggy, and we decided to go.  We rode just over 14 miles.  This was a nice change.  First, it was nice to go ride with Dionne, my inspiration for starting triathlons, and second, it was nice to ride a different path. There are lots of twists and turns on the path so it was good practice for cornering and controlling the bike.  There were a fair number of people on the path, walking, running, skating and biking, so we had to dodge people and try not to hit small children.  (We did not hit anyone.)  A doe crossed in front of us at one point.  The trail is shaded with trees so it was not too hot and there were a few spots where it felt almost cool.

Luray Triathlon

This week is the Luray Triathlon and I am not there. Luray is the triathlon that David Glover directs and that She Does Tri campers participate in after going to camp. After the tornado I really did not think I would do much this summer so I cancelled for this year. It was not an easy decision but given some of the things going on right now, it was probably the best decision for this year. Still, I am sorry not to be there. I wish all my fellow campers the best on Saturday and Sunday. I’m sure you will have a great time. I’m looking forward to seeing several of you in Baltimore in October for the Baltimore Half Marathon and will be at Luray next summer.

Mt Lakes Triathlon

Instead of Luray, I am doing a triathlon a little closer to home.  Actually, I am only running.  Sam, Jason and I are participating as a relay team in the Mt. Lakes Triathlon in Guntersville, Alabama next Saturday.  Sam is swimming (of course), Jason is biking, and I am running. I’m looking forward to it.  I hope it is not 100 degrees by the time I have to run though.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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2 Responses to Is it really already August?

  1. David Glover says:

    Millie –
    We’ll miss you at Luray Triathlon this year!
    David and Krista

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