Back to the Deep Water

I needed to swim today.  I had already been to a fantastic spin class and had done a short run, but I needed to swim.  After work I headed to the Aquatic Center because the Rec Center pool has swim lessons and water aerobics on Tuesday.  I expected the 25 yard pool to be open but, much to my surprise, it was closed and the competition pool was open and set up for long course. This is a 50 meter pool…and it is deep.  I have been getting used to the deep water in the 25 yard pool but I was also a little surprised by deep water in this pool.  I’ve only been in it once before though and we were down in the deeper part of the pool when it was set up for short course.  I hadn’t really thought about the entire pool being deep. (Remember that a year ago I had not been near the water for decades.)

All of the lanes were full so I had to share a lane.  That really wasn’t a problem because the lanes are wider and, of course, longer. I stayed in the lane by the wall because I really was not comfortable with swimming into deeper water.  It only took a few laps though and I was fine. The lanes are long though. I asked Sam why they feel so much longer and he said, “because they are.” True. Still this is good practice for me for the international distance triathlon I am getting ready for in a month.  I kept thinking about that as I swam today (1200 meters) – that I will be swimming 500 yards straight across Robin Lake the first weekend in September.  500 yards are around the perimeter where you can stand up but the second half is straight across where it is 18 feet deep.  The differences are that I won’t be able to see the bottom of Robin Lake, there will surely be someone else around me swimming, there won’t be a side or a ledge but there will be canoes or kayaks monitoring swimmers. I know I can tread water for 8 minutes, that I can always switch to breast stroke, and worst case, I can always back stroke. I’ll make it.  But swimming in the deep water in the pool helps me build up some confidence.  I know I need to venture into the inner lanes, away from the wall. It won’t be long.

50 meter pool

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Back to the Deep Water

  1. Lori says:

    That would be intimidating to me as well, and I’ve never had a fear of water! You’re doing great Millie!

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