Start living … one more post from Seattle

Start Living

The photo above is part of a larger piece of art in one of the coffee shops I stopped in on  Saturday.  It struck me as quite appropriate for my journey over the past year.  I have started living again and am no longer stuck or hostage to pain and poor health.  Are things perfect? No.  But they are much better.

I spent part of Saturday afternoon wandering around Pike Place Market.  I bought fruit for dinner, watched the guys who throw the fish, bought some gifts, and watched people. It was a pleasant way to spend part of the day.  I had not been to the market in several years.

Throwing fish

Fruits and Vegetables at the Market

I did enjoy a Seattle day of eating on Saturday:

Seattle treats - Top Pot doughnut, Fran's Chocolate, Tim's Chips and Coffee

I really tried not to eat too much while I was on vacation but I didn’t want to skip everything. These were small treats that were just right.


Of course, there was coffee.  It was Seattle, after all.

The original Starbucks

That’s about it for the Seattle trip.  It was a good weekend.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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