Passion and accountability

I know I have written about passion before but I can’t find the post. Forgive me if I repeat myself.
What I sensed in Sam, that I quickly realized, was his passion for training and coaching. He wants his clients to improve their health and fitness. He cares and he works very hard. The passion that Sam has for fitness and training is contagious. I certainly caught it. He says that it was in me and just needed to be brought out. Probably true. A lot of things I have done this year I have wanted to do for many years – like running a half marathon and really learning to swim. Sam does not give up on me, which helps me not give up on myself.

Ice skaters

Accountability is also a major key in my success so far. I can’t quite remember when it started, but Sam began giving me workouts for the days when I did not train with him. There was a progression in difficulty and an expectation that I would let him know how it went and what I did. This all fed my love of data and tracking. When I worked with David he tracked my workouts and I added notes but I was not invested enough in the process. (not David’s fault) I think there was also a link with beginning to lose weight and tracking my eating and measurements. I began looking for ways to track. I have used a variety of excel sheets, online trackers, paper and have settled on a couple of things that seem to be working. I like Training Peaks because I track pretty much everything in one place. I had never really tracked measurements before but this has been really important because I can see the progress – one example my waist was 52 inches when I started. Now it’s 35. 17 inches is a lot. I added the race planning and tracking in the fall when I began working with David Glover. The system he teaches has helped me lay out a race plan for several months. Things change, of course, but I can see the time in between races for planning, plan A races, vacations, other big deadlines and see what I do and don’t have time to do. Testing has also kept me accountable.

Upcoming Races
This summer I have a number of races already planned. I’m thinking about one more but I need to figure out the logistics. Between now and the end of August I have the following planned:

June 11 Buster Britton Memorial Triathlon (first open water swim)
June 19 Callaway Gardens Sprint Triathlon
July 4th Peachtree 10K
July 17 – See Jane Run 5K
July 30 – Hot Hundred (no, I am not doing the century ride!)
August 14 – Mountain Lake Triathlon (as a relay team with Sam and Jason)
August 27 – Mayor’s Cup

I’m looking at the possibility of one more triathlon and maybe another 5K. We’ll see. This is probably plenty with training too.

The races give me goals to work towards but I also have other goals. I’ll be writing about them soon.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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