Nope, no Bolder Boulder

I am sick, though am feeling better after 2 shots, some yucky nasal spray and an antibiotic or antihistamine or something. I guess I should pay attention. I started feeling bad last week. I was sleeping more than is now normal. This hit me on Saturday morning though – whatever it is – a sinus, congestion, crud. So I stayed home yesterday, thinking I could just get rid of it. I went to the doctor this morning, hence shots, nasal spray and meds. That means no flying so no trip to Denver and no Bolder Boulder this year. I’m sorry to miss the weekend. I’m sorry to miss time with my cousins, seeing Krista and David, going to baseball game and celebrating Ron and Linda’s anniversary. I know we will get together for some other fun time soon. I don’t want to risk feeling worse or doing something to my ears on the flight.

If I feel better by Saturday, which I imagine I will, then I will go run Distance for Disaster, a fundraising run being put on by the Tuscaloosa Track Club. The funds will go to American Red Cross. Today I was back in the studio with Sam, doing strength and core work. I only wanted to take a nap on the mat a few times. Tomorrow morning I will be back in the pool.

Bolder Boulder bib (with a draft of an article I am finishing underneath)

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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