A little farther

The “danger” of admitting to swimming a mile without stopping is that the next swim workout will be a mile and then some. I love challenges though and, words I never thought I would say, I love being in the pool. When I looked at the workout for today I had to text Sam and ask if I was really reading it right. It was a pyramid workout that totaled 2,000 yards. Yes, I was reading correctly. I needed to plan because the pool has limited hours right now and I knew that 55 minutes was not going to be enough time for the entire workout. I rearranged a few things so I had enough time. I completed the entire workout in an hour and 18 minutes. Most of it was freestyle but part was backstroke. I am slower on backstroke even though I feel stronger. It was a great workout and just what I needed today.

I know I mentioned having to re-gain endurance. I think I am getting there. Today was a test of that and a success. I will be happy when allergy season is over because it has been somewhat difficult to breathe on freestyle. The swim felt good, though. I was thinking through my stroke but I did not feel like I was over thinking. At one point during the workout today I did think that it wouldn’t be too long before I have an Ironman distance workout. Today I was about half way there. Like I said, I love a challenge and I love being in the pool.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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