Rebuilding endurance

I need to rebuild my endurance. It is really surprising at how quickly it goes. It seems more difficult in the pool than running. Must be that “face in the water” thing with the pool. I have not been out on my bike yet though.

Today I ran for the first time since April 25. My time was decent – 11:55 for the first mile. That may sound slow but remember that in October I was running a mile in 20 minutes. It is not my best mile time to date, but I will take it after an almost two week break. My mile time because, as Sam can confirm I can’t count laps, was just about equal to my best time for a 3.1 run to date. So I am actually pretty happy with the run today. My laps were pretty consistent. I walked a few laps, but not many. The original plan had been an out and back run for 40 minutes total time. I did not get to my run until mid afternoon though and it was about 85 degrees. I ran on the inside track.

I have a goal to run a 5k in 30 minutes. I was on the way to cutting my time and I will get back on track, no pun intended. On May 30 I will be running the Bolder Boulder 10K with my cousins, Jean, Linda and Ron. We will spend the weekend together – going to a baseball game (Rockies vs. Cardinals) and celebrating Linda and Ron’s anniversary. I’m not sure what else we will do but whatever it is, we will have a good time. I’ll PR my 10K because I haven’t done one yet. I’m hoping to maintain a good pace on the 5K though. The difference in elevation should make things interesting. I will have a few days in Denver to adjust a little bit.

Tomorrow I may get out on my bike if I have time.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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