Recovery of various kinds

Tuscaloosa is in a phase of recovery and so am I. It has been a difficult week here. There are signs of recovery though. The power is mostly back on and the power workers from 18 states have gone home. They were all stationed next to my subdivision at the community college.

Power workers at Shelton State

Power workers at Shelton State

My pastor, Ken Dunivant, sent the following in a note to the congregation:
“UMCOR gave us a helpful model for understanding the processes of disaster recovery. There are three phases: phase one is the rescue phase where the focus is rescuing people affected by the tornado. We are in the 7th day of rescue. This is generally congregational based immediate response. The second phase is the relief phase. During this phase temporary housing is located, debris cleaned, and utility work done. This tends to be more community based with more coordination. The rule of thumb is that relief is usually 10 times longer than the rescue phase (or approximately 70 days). The third phase is the recovery phase (10 times longer that the relief phase or 700 days.) During this phase homes and communities are rebuilt. This usually involves insurance companies and housing agencies. Our UMCOR has an outstanding record in this phase. We are committed to this process. As you can see we will have several changes in our processes as we move through the different phases.”

It takes a long time to truly recover. I’m recovering from a bout of bad eating, not as important as the other kinds of recovery going on in town. This past week has not been the week to pay attention to what I ate. I have started again today, however. I know I need to recover so I feel well enough to be of use to others. I have worked out every day this week. I swam in the murky pool on Monday, worked with Sam on Tuesday and today, and played the card game with Deb yesterday. Tomorrow Sam and I will go in the pool. Sam has done his job well, of course, and has challenged me with new things. I will be glad when I have a routine again, however. Next week normal hours resume and the interim term starts. As one person said to me yesterday, will it ever be normal again? Not the way we knew normal, but we will recover.

I probably won’t post as much here for a while. I’ll be concentrating on other things like this Tellers for Teachers and other work in the community. I’ll be back though.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Recovery of various kinds

  1. Lori Moss says:

    Millie…you just gave me a well needed wake up call. I was sitting feeling sorry for myself about gaining 3 lbs. this week (my dauther in the Coast Guard was home on leave from Anchorage and I celebrated with food, bad idea). I’ve been thinking of all folks in Tuscaloosa and how so many lost everything, including family members and friends, and here I am whining over something I could have controlled, but didn’t. This storm was uncontrollable. I am so thankful that you are alright and blessed by your selflessness to help, along with so many others. God bless you all….His word is true and He is in control.

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