Support systems: An important part of success

I want to start by saying that I have thought about this post quite a bit. I have a number of family and friends who have been very supportive of my journey this past year (and for many years). I have some wonderful faculty members who cheer me on. I appreciate each and every one of you. My cousins Linda, Jean, Amy, Dionne and Nancy and I have reconnected through exercise and running. It’s a lot of fun. Dionne was my inspiration to do a triathlon. Brenda, Margaret, Julia and Chara, my friends from ETSU, cheer me on and I cheer them on as well. There are childhood friends like Lori, new friends like Vickie, friends from my G.R. days like Sue and from college like Suz and Kathy. I want to let all of you to know how much I appreciate you. I know I have not mentioned everyone – please don’t think I don’t know. The post would just be really long.

You already know him
Of course, Sam is one of the most important members of my support team. I’ve written about Sam’s support and encouragement.

Sam Morgan

Sam challenges me. He is passionate about what he does. He believes that I can do things before I believe it. He has helped me progress from only being able to step up on a single riser to completing a triathlon. And he doesn’t like taking credit for much of it because he says I do the work. True, but he guides me in my training as a trainer, a coach and a friend.

The rest of the crew
There are several trainers at the Rec Center who have been supportive in one way or another. They are a really great and dedicated group of people.

I have known Whitney and Neika since I started training at the Rec Center almost two years ago. They have watched me progress from a pretty frustrated person who could not do much of anything to my current state. Deb and I talk about health issues, and she tells me about cool training tools. Jason (who supervises all the trainers) is also very supportive. I don’t have a photo of Cathy to include but I need to mention her as well. She teaches a great 6 a.m. spin class that is always a lot of fun.

Whitney, Neika, and Deb

Jason and Sam with his award April 2011

Krista and David

Krista and David
Krista Schultz and David Glover run She Does Tri camp. Both of them are triathletes and coaches. I connected with them last fall when I found the camp. Since then I have communicated with them via e-mail, sat in on webinars, and talked to at least Krista on the phone a couple of times. I’ve learned quite a bit from both of them. David’s webinar on planning a triathlon season and his book on mental preparation for the endurance athlete have been particularly useful to me. Camp was a fantastic experience and you can read about it in my entries on this blog. Krista has recently helped me with nutrition and with blood lactate testing. I’m looking forward to seeing both of them again at the Luray Triathlon in August.

My doctors have been vital in my success. Dr. Jeff Laubenthal, West Alabama Family Practice, my primary care doctor, and Lacey Quarles, have been very supportive since I moved to Tuscaloosa. Dr. Laubenthal has helped me through some difficult times with my health, including with my accident that caused the leg surgery. He continued to encourage me to improve my health and I think he is happy that I finally have done so. Dr. Charles Hunt performed vascular surgery on my legs. This was the beginning of improving my health. Dr. Richard Snow is my sleep doctor. I remember when Dr. Snow started encouraging me to go to the Rec Center. It was the farthest thing from my mind. I did not know at the time that he was a triathlete and little did I know that he would be the one to tell me about the first triathlon I competed in and finished. I also worked with Dr. John Morgan and his staff at Bariatric Health & Wellness. They were very good to work with and very enthusiastic about my progress as I started changing my eating habits and started losing weight. (I have recently chosen a different nutritional path which I will write about in a separate post.)

Thanks to all of you!

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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3 Responses to Support systems: An important part of success

  1. Lori Moss says:

    Millie, you are such an inspiration and I want you to know that while you were thanking all of “us” in your blog, I’m sure I’m not alone in thanking YOU! For simply sharing your story and life with us. I only wish I had half of the knowledge about health and fitness that you’ve learned on your journey. I’m just a basement worker outer and want to continue to evolve my workouts to keep pushing myself (currently looking for a heavy bag to hang from the ceiling) and I there is alot that I don’t know about nutrition. Thank you, thank you for sharing your journey and helping me on mine!

    • I’m glad we have reconnected and I am able to hear about what is going on in your life. You are one of my longest life friends. You are working out so don’t discount what you are doing! Keep going! I have to come see you sometime. I want to hold that precious baby 🙂

  2. David Glover says:

    Thanks, Millie! You are an inspiration to both Krista and I. You have an amazing story and are such a great example of adopting a healthy and active lifestyle!

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