Back to the pool

This morning I was at the Rec Center when it opened at 9 a.m. Since it is A-Day, the Rec Center was only open for 2 hours today. (For the uninitiated, A-Day is the spring football game at Alabama – oh, they have one at that other school too. The game draws as many fans as I used to see at a normal fall Big Ten game. It is a different world in the SEC.) Anyway, I felt like I needed to finish the swim for myself as much as anything. Yes, I work out at least 6 days a week now and I certainly could have skipped it. I did have a great swim yesterday morning and I think based on this morning’s swim that I may have actually done closer to 12 x 50’s. Who knows? I never will know for sure. I was just going to finish out the 8 x 50s that I thought I had missed but once I was in the pool I decided to go ahead and do the whole 16 x 50’s. I did my normal 200 warm-up. I must be getting used to the pool sans heater because it did not feel that bad this morning. Then I started on the 16 x 50’s. There were only a couple of other people in the pool this morning and swim lessons were canceled due to A-Day so I didn’t have to worry about rushing. I concentrated on the things Sam and I have been working on and I was very conscious of pulling through on my stroke like Brad suggested.

On the deck at the Goucher College Pool

I have also thought about Lisa, one of the other campers. Lisa was a competitive swimmer. She pulled me aside on Sunday and gave me some advice that I really appreciated.

I felt like I had a pretty good swim. I finished the 16 x 50s and then did a 200 cool down. By that time I realized that I really did not have time to get my planned run in before the Rec Center closed. I also discovered that I didn’t have all my clothes with me. I’ll run a little later on today.

I was sorry to miss the triathlon this morning but I also realized last night that I was exhausted. I have had a busy few weeks and it was good to be able to be home, sleep in this morning (until 7 am), and have the day to catch up on overdue work.

Later today I will probably add another post about She Does Tri camp. I have a couple more to write. I hope you are not getting tired of them because there is so much to share.

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I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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One Response to Back to the pool

  1. Hated that you missed the tri-but I’m glad you did what you needed to in order to take care of yourself. The wind was poitively BRUTAL–even pedalling down hill was super hard!!

    …so what was the swimming advice Lusa gave you???

    Certainly NOT getting tired of reading about She Does Tri–share it ALL!!!

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