She Does Tri: post two

I have been trying to decide if I want to approach my posts thematically or chronologically. I’ll probably wind up mixing it up with both so I hope this does not become confusing.

On my way
I’ll back up a bit. I was trying to leave a little bit early on Thursday so I could get to Birmingham before it was too late. Since my flight was so early I decided to spend the night. I was feeling nervous and excited. This is generally how I feel when I am striking off to do some new thing that I have been planning for a long time.

The alarm went off at 4 a.m. and I really wondered why I had not traveled on Thursday afternoon. I stayed at a different hotel than the one I usually stay at when I am traveling. MapQuest mislead me and I wound up having to turn around and find my way to the airport. I am fairly familiar with that area of Birmingham but I still can get lost easily. I made it in time – and with time to spare.

The planes were not really crowded so I had a row to myself on one flight and a seat in-between me and the other person on the other flight. I took the photo below. The person sharing the row with me probably thought I was nuts – oh well! I was thinking about when I had e-mailed Krista and how far I have come in the months since. The victory I had experienced flying to New York in October was that I could finally put the tray table down again and work while I was flying. I remember texting Sam because I was so excited about that accomplishment. I don’t remember if that was the flight that I no longer need a seat belt extender or if it was the next flight. As you can see, no more seat belt extenders for me. (That is probably a post all by itself. Flying can be a really ugly experience when you are overweight.)

Extra room

I can almost curl up in the seat but my legs are too long.

I also ran through the terminal in Hartsfield because my connections were pretty close. My knees did not hurt. I remember all too well not being able to get through the terminals and wondering if I would miss my connecting flights when I did not have much time. On Friday, and again on Monday when my gate was changed at the last minute, I didn’t really think about it. I just ran and made my flight.

I had to wait for luggage and for my car when I arrived in Baltimore. I am not really familiar with the city so I was getting a little nervous about making the first session on time. (IF you don’t know me, I think being 5 minutes early is being late.) I called Krista and she told me not to worry and to make sure I took care of myself first. That really put me at ease.

I did arrive on time after all. As I wrote in my first post, I met Vickie before I met anyone else. We both arrived and signed in with David.

First sessions
Friday afternoon included a welcome and introductions, pilates, tire changing, injury prevention and Triathlon A-Z.

Krista introduced each one of us. She had taken time to call all 13 campers before we arrived. I had a delightful talk with her about all kinds of things. It was really a nice way to start the weekend – especially because she didn’t make us play any dumb ice breaker games 🙂

A different kind of workout
We headed to Bare Hills Racquet and Fitness Club for a session of pilates with Regina. I have wanted to try pilates but I just haven’t gotten around to it. The Rec Center offers reformer classes but we used mats with Regina. It was hard but it was really good and I can see the benefits of doing these exercises regularly. I couldn’t do everything (and I don’t think I was alone) but I could do things I would not have imagined being able to do even a few months ago. The exercises she had us do engaged the core, important in every sport in triathlon. I’m not sure I had really been as aware of that until recently.

I have reached another stopping point for tonight. More tomorrow.

About millie jackson

I am a librarian, a yoga teacher, a storyteller, an athlete.
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  1. Wow–that’s a lot of leftover seat belt …and you used to need an extender?? I’m very much looking forward to meeting you tomorrow!! I’m so proud of you!!!!

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